Who Emu?

Another Morning Sketch that I just adore. I could sit and paint Emus for hours. Not kidding. Have you seen those dreamy eyes??

Well, in this one I had fun playing with my calligraphy pen and ink nib.  Which I absolutely love to use. There’s something about the scratch of the nib on the paper, the ink control as I press down and the tines separate and ink flows out, sometimes unpredictably. The ink I used in this one was just plain old India Ink and it bleeds. Which made me realize.. I need bleed-proof ink! But for now, I used the bleed as part of the shadowing tint and it worked out okay. Except for around the eye. Where I exactly did not want it. Exactly. Made a bit of orangey-black mud on one eye. But hey, these are Morning Sketches so… one, it doesn’t matter. And two, it can sometimes be endearing to have a sense of ‘chaos shows up in art’. Because that’s where we find life. Not in perfection. I’m learning.

2 thoughts on “Who Emu?

  1. I’ve always been a fan of pen and ink and this morning sketch is beautiful. Love the addition of color in the eyes. Excellent!

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