Me, MySelf and the Big I

Sitting in the discomfort of growing pains is an art unto itself. We all have that innocent desire to be more, grow more, do more. Born from that internal push to move forward into our greater potential, we sometimes find ourselves wearing boots just a tad too big, a dress, maybe not our own. A time comes to shed or shelve our cozy sweaters and pair of well worn leggings.When I sit in contemplation about the archetypal message behind this sweet young lady, I think of all of the times I have wanted to be further along on my path than where I perceive I am. I think of the times I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, feeling fraudulent for showing up in a dress I’m not sure if I have the capacity to wear. The thoughts and feelings that growing pains produce. Too big for my old clothes, not sure how to hold myself in the new ones yet. I too, hold my metaphorical stuffed rabbit as a way to comfort and nurture myself in the darkness of my own safe stairwell. Sometimes, it is necessary to go down into those dark places and uncover the shadow parts of ourselves until the light of clarity shines down that block of stairs, illuminating and invigorating a new perception. On the stairwell, polyester filled animals are required company. Some people call this God, Higher Self, Inner Self, Spirit, Animal Totem, Dead Grandma, or just simply, stuffed rabbit. This solitary ‘Sit Time’ is a necessity for evolutionary growth. Learning to be with all parts of our many (internal) selves, right where we are at, feeling just what we feel, without judgement is a pre-cursor for growth that allows us to take time to assimilate the shifting balance between old and new. Creating ‘Sit Time’ is where we call in the Great Witness part of us that holds space for all aspects of ourselves that are present, gently and lovingly, even when the process of change appears wonky and sometimes disruptive.

There are infinite interpretations of the message in this art. What is the message that comes through for you? Does she tap into an unhealed child aspect that still shows up today? Are you stagnating by hesitating on wearing that new dress? Do you feel blocked at the very idea of entering your own dark stairwell of inquiry? Possibly fear of getting the dress dirty holds you back from ever putting it on so you admire it safely tucked away in the back of your dark closet instead? Maybe she mirrors the inner child that had to grow up too fast? This is the beginning of the inquiry process that brings insight into the places you may have unconsciously and habitually blocked until just this ripe moment. Although dark stairways may at first seem frightening, they move in two directions. Up and out with new insight invites a sense of freedom and possibility.

The faint wings in this image are part of my If These Wings Could Speak Collection. Signifying the Divine that dwells in each of us is alive and well even when we forget to tap in, and that what joins us as a collective is often unseen and overlooked, however, it is always available for those who are willing to see it.

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