Mary, Did You Know?

Part of my If These Wings Could Speak Collection, where I take the average person and transform them with wings. I try to find a diverse and sometimes overlooked ethnicity, sexual orientation, or neglected seeming spirit, all practicing being human. I’m sharing how to see differently, how to find our common ground together. It’s deeply nourishing to my soul to paint people in an elevated way. Painting them as having the same aspect of ‘goodness’ we all feel we have inside of ourselves. Everybody has it, somewhere, even if they are not displaying it in physical manifestation this lifetime. Since painting these common, everyday folk who are different from myself, who I might unintentionally judge if I saw them on the street, who I might never relate to in my day to day world.. I have found myself having new experiences. In me. Where I open more, judge less and find myself in a state of curiosity about people I meet in the world at large. Like the homeless man I ran into a couple of weeks ago after dropping my son off at theater practice. I gave him my full presence, even if only for a passing hello. The quality of my hello has improved and it feels wonderful.

This one that I’m sharing was inspired by a simple photo of a woman holding her babe. I gave her wings and made her fabulousness shine. I decided to call her ‘Mother Mary’. As Mary she represents the nurturing and protective aspects of the feminine. The mother that holds all in her loving gaze, strong arms and a sturdy hip. This type of Mother energy knows know skin color, location or time. She is an essence embedded in all of us.

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