Lord of the Iris Kingdom

This one… oh, this one. I worked so hard on this. And re-worked it and re-worked it. Until I had to stop.
Satisfied-ish. This is one that I will probably re-visit due to the amount of ‘dark’ in the two folds of the side petals. I’m not sure how I want them different, but I do.

This was a case of a ‘quick sketch’ turned into many hours long of a ‘masterpiece’ type of work. I loved playing with the folds and design and I decided to add a Praying Mantis and include this one in my Animals Light The Way Collection.

Here’s what I wrote about Mantis on my RedBubble shop Descripton.

Praying Mantis, the animal kingdom’s symbol of stillness and contemplation journeys up the feminine flowering Iris. Seeking inner stillness in your life? Mantis is a wonderful messenger that reminds us to take time out for ourselves, go within, find that ‘still’ small voice that guides us. With clear intention, Mantis is aware of his ability to choose wisely. No moves are made from a place of fear, only direct intent. This leads to an ultimately fulfilling experience as Mantis creates each experience on a string of ‘inner knowing’ and never goes ‘without’ as he draws strength from his well of peace and connection to greater wisdom.


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