Inktober October

In October there is a month long art challenge made by ‘Inkologists’. (Made that term up myself.) When I was on WetCanvas I was perusing the boards and saw some folks doing a watercolor version of Inktober. The idea was use pen and ink as a base and main feature but add in a light wash of watercolor. Fun!

This was my first one.

I did get busy and wasn’t able to keep the entire month up.
HOWEVER, I did notice something rather perfect about this exercise. It loosened me. I didn’t feel the need to make everything into a masterpiece. I started to consider this a great way to start the day. Whether it is a day of art or a day of bills, kids and running around. I go onto Paint My Photo and find a picture that appeals to me and just do a quick sketch and add a bit of color. I call these my ‘Morning Sketches Collection’. Tada!

For those of you that don’t know what Paint My Photo is, it is a website where photographers and artists come together. People take some lovely pictures and then post them on the site for artists to use as reference photos free of royalties, restrictions, etc. (Except no posting the original photo that you use anywhere.) Fantastic resource that inspires me again and again.

My pic of Mr.Grumpy Owl here is called Where’s The Coffee??
He is a night owl mind you and only has coffee after 8pm.

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