Disclaimers and Other Boredom

Rules, Regulations, Disclaimers, Important and Non-Important stuff.

Use of my art works and Copyright:

I retain copyright on my work at all times.
However, you may use my words and photos on your blog without asking for permission, as long as the following conditions apply:

1) It’s not a commercial use
2) The work is attributed to me
3) You link to this site

If you wish to use my words or images for anything that might be commercial in nature, then please ask.



I am an Amazon Affiliate. Why I think this is super fun…

There’s a lot of cool things about this.
Firstly, I can share information with you in my posts about art supplies and have the exact supply linked so that you can view price and reviews in a new tab on Amazon. How cool and efficient is that? I WANT to share what I’ve learned with you. And I think it’s a cool proposition that Amazon has an affiliate program where I earn a percentage if you buy something through one of my clicks. This does not increase the cost to you in any way. I feel like I’m receiving from Amazon in return for the investment I made in purchasing products and trying them out all of these years. What a great co-creation!

The other part I love about this program is that I can create a store on my own website. You can find that on my Art Supply Page. This means that I can create Categories of art supplies (right hand side of my image) that I use and love such as, Watercolor, Acrylic and Art Journaling. The products can be added to your basket right on the site and your purchase is made through Amazon. I get a percentage of the purchase for through the Affiliate program and this helps me buy new paintbrushes, products, etc. that I plan on sharing more about in the future. The other option, if you’d like to help out in this way, is to save my affiliate link to your web browser tool  bar and click to do your shopping from there. It brings you to the Amazon site but tells Amazon that you found them through me. This supports me by giving me a percentage of your purchase price at no additional cost to you. You can buy the same household or gift items as usual and my art business will benefit just by you doing your normal shopping.

My toolbar affiliate link is here: Emily’s Amazon Link.
Click to open the link.
Copy and paste the www. url from the top of your screen, save and label your new Amazon toolbar bookmark.
Easy peasy! And thank you!

Custom Art Works:

I will sometimes take on a custom art job.
This is not my usual thing as I have limited time between raising a family, creating art and finding time to relax for a few.
That said, feel free to ask and see if I’m available.
If I choose to take on your project, here’s the general format.

*Please look at my art style to see if we’re a match before deciding I can draw or paint your creation. I know, this seems obvious but really, it’s important not to get caught up in the excitement of your vision and forget to see if your vision and my style have anything in common. I am able to paint well. I am not able to paint everything, in every style.

*We discuss your art project or e-mail about it to further see if we’re on the same page with art, pricing, timeline, etc. If so, see next line.

*I charge half price up front. I can easily spend 25-50 hours (plus), in order to create your image, depending on size and complexity. This includes research, mock-ups, painting, revising, etc. It feels important to me that you are as invested in your project as I am. Payments can be securely made through my Paypal link.

*After that is taken care of, I create a Private Pinterest board where you give me examples of what you are looking to create. This only applies if there are multiple layers to the project, such as a logo, t-shirt art, projects that include multiple items such as text, art, styling, etc. (If I am just painting from a picture of your deceased cat, this step isn’t necessary.) I send you a detailed write up on how to collaborate with me on the board, what I am looking for and why. This is an important step. It helps you clarify your vision which in turn helps me. It takes a lot of my energy to intuit your vision based on words and I find that looking at images together gives us a much more concrete common language in the world of art and design. Plus, my intuition isn’t always on target and I can spend a lot of hours creating something you don’t like… which at some point.. I will have to charge more money for more revisions.

*I begin creating your art. I send you mock-ups for you to approve and adjustments are noted before beginning a final.

*I offer 1-3 small revisions before charging an extra $75 per hour/or a flat rate fee for additional changes, depending on what the revisions require. The reason for the range is that it can take a LONG time to recreate a very detailed piece of art from the beginning, just to change a couple of things. I cannot redo a 20-50 hour project 3x for the same price I charge for doing it once. So, this variance is project dependent. This is why the Pinterest step is so important! Clear communication costs less for both of us and gives you the product you want, in a distilled and timely way.

*I send your final art to look at through e-mail. You are happy with the results. This is so important to me! I want the art I create to match the energetic that you are targeting. Yeay, it does!
After you submit the other half of the final payment, I send you the art, files, etc. And with that, our business venture comes to a very satisfied close.  Thank you!