About Me


I am a free spirited, red-headed, non-stop creative woman who loves walks in nature, lots of time alone to balance my internals and playing bird sounds on Youtube while I paint for hours. I also love yoga, laughing on my bed at the end of the day with my two boys, noshing on delicious and healthy food with my husband while barefoot in the kitchen... and run-on sentences. I almost always have candles, incense and fountains and twinkly things going as the soothing sensory stimulation helps me stay grounded and ready for even more creating.

My art style is... under construction. I'm continually pushing my creativity, evolving and developing as an artist.  I do a lot of realistic detail, even in some of my messier work. And I'm currently challenging myself to actually 'get messier' since that's an area that's far underdeveloped. Want to join me on my journey? Let's.


I'm big on setting an intention, developing deeper meaning and expressing that. Sometimes humorously, since life is not to be taken SO seriously in every moment. I like playful. And I am often blunt. (Although, never intending to offend with my expression.) My intention with my current art is to inspire new ways of thinking, feeling, reacting, creating and expressing. The underlying message in my If These Wings Could Speak Collection is to question our own knee-jerk habitual judgments and open to the fullness, the Muchness that is inherent in every being. Nobody and nothing is only what we observe through our limited lenses. There is always more and I intend to reveal that. For myself, and as an offering to the larger world.  ∞


Sharing my favorite birds and stream with you while you paint along with me.